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The library of town Balatonkenese (Educational Institution and Library, 8174 Balatonkenese, Táncsics M. St. 22) is a public library with general scope of interest, basically destined for supplying the inhabitants of the town and the residential area, moreover - as being a holiday resort -, the significant number of holiday-makers with literature and information, by operating adult, children, and juvenile sections.
It also runs a branch library at town Balatonakarattya, belonging administratively to Balatonkenese.
Additions to the book collection may happen in the following ways:
  • acquisition
  • gift
  • barter
  • deposit copy
The acquisition strategy of the library has basically been laid down by taking into consideration its current collection and user demands for information supply. The quantity of the obtained documents, as well as its division among reader circles - with regard to the ratio of adult, children and juvenile literature, fictions and educational literature - have been proportionally and supplely conformed to the composition and demand of enrolled readers.
Particular attention has been paid to accumulating ethnographical works concerning our regional history and geographical area. In geographical works we focus mainly on: archaeology, knowledge of our country and micro-region (Balatonakarattya, Balatonkenese, Lake Balaton and its surroundings), travel books and various pieces of information on the shire.
We are proud to present a fair depository of local persons’ (living and not living) works (e.g. Lajos Soós, Dr. András Kis, József Kecskés, Lászlóné Vér, Béla Pauló, ...etc.), as well as important documents on regional lore: books, periodical publications, dissertations, studies, reports of self-government seats, maps, photos, picture postcards, CDs, DVDs.
A stock of at least 100-200 foreign language (mostly German) documents has been created to meet the expectations of foreign tourists in summer. The pieces belonging to the scope of collections are also inventoried.
Handbooks concerning library work are collected in an auxiliary stock.
As for materials of international origin, we store first-class fictions and special literature, classical and present-day works, adult, children and juvenile literature, manuals, general reference books, as well as audiovisual DVDs (fables, documentary films, required readings) and audio books, music scores (mostly classical) in CD format, furthermore some educational media readable by computers (CD-ROMs).
Among works written for children and juvenile, required readings take the lead, which have to be recovered regularly because of wear and tear due to frequent lending.
Purchase of daily papers and magazines has been settled by utilizing our financial capabilities as optimally as possible. As a summer resort town, demand for certain papers doesn’t arise evenly, which is supplely taken into consideration when fulfilling various spheres of interests of guests representing different age groups. The library has been collecting decidedly and exclusively high quality weekly and monthly journals without yellow-press characteristics (e.g. Nők Lapja, Blikk Nők, Baba, Kismama, Lakáskultúra, Otthon, Élet és Tudomány, Természetgyógyász Magazin, Kincskereső, Patika Magazin, Balatoni Futár, National Geographic, …), a county daily paper (Napló), at least two kinds of nation-wide daily papers (Magyar Nemzet, Népszabadság), and naturally the monthly published local Balatonkenesei Újság. The latter publication has been stored without loss for an extended period of time, the coloured magazines for 1-5 years, the daily papers for half a year. Long-lasting warehousing cannot be arranged, because of limited stock room. Would readers make request for a magazine or an article, we will do our best to obtain it from another library (e.g. EKMK).
In order to keep our readers, requested light readings of lesser quality are also needed to be accumulated to a limited extent, provided that both the placing of the documents and the chief librarian’s offerings drive readers towards literature of high standard.
The library will not possess any kind of documents, materials violating either moral or emotional norms (e.g. pornography).
Documents are obtained from the following sources: local and other bookshops, web-shops (e.g. Libri), firms specialised in book commerce (e.g. KELLó), book publishers (e.g. Tinta Kiadó), etc. Books, magazines, given as a present (from readers, library visitors and legacy) are inventoried only if they comply with the scope of collection of the library.
Documents are registered individually or in groups. We are happy to inform you, that we connected to the country-wide internet-based network database “Szikla” in 2013, to be able to quickly satisfy needs.
Principles of purchase and occasional collection exchange for the branch library at town Balatonakarattya:
the demands of the settlement – administratively belonging to Balatonkenese – with a low number of inhabitants (approx. 750), and that of the summer vacationers are fulfilled. Because of the small basic area and the obviously lower number of readers, the aim is to keep only the most important children, juvenile and adult literature, along with amusing, lighter readings, a little specialized and educational literature and some magazines. From time to time, generally after half or one year, the main library places out and exchanges documents with the branch library, so that fresher and varied supply would be available for readers.
Decent IT infrastructure has to be established, so that users could fully exploit the possibilities of new age information carriers and media formats.
Besides continuous development and enriching of the depository, regularly planned stock diminishing is also of high priority both in the main and the branch library, i.e. the withdrawal of documents physically ruined or obsolete in content. Other important tasks include further acquisition based on the concept, its preservation, defence, care and also ensuring its easy availability, furthermore making the collection and services easily reachable, and also taking part in inter-library document and information exchange (Inter-Library lending, ODR).
Document weed out and collection control are done according to enactment 3/1975. (VIII.17.) KM-PM.
Balatonkenese, 2 May 2011
Mrs. Marianna Károly Győrfi
Institution Leader
Mrs. Csilla Ritter Pajor
Chief Librarian